Note from the chairman

An inside overview


José Alves Marques
President of the Board of Directors

At a time where in Portugal Innovation and Technology are discussed, and when these are considered one of the few ways to lead the country to development, we are pleased to introduce in our website the solutions that make proof of how the Innovation mechanisms can work.

Link believes that is possible in Portugal, with Portuguese engineers and professionals, to create quality systems and solutions to compete in international markets. Obviously, link’s dimension as well as the country’s dimension, sets a focus and investment build upon national economical realities similar to the ones existing in other geographies and markets.

In link, we believe there are in Portugal many companies and public services aiming to excellence, and that are willing to assume the risk of thinking by themselves, and will in partnership with companies with the best Portuguese engineering, be able to create solutions that leverage their business. The focus on our customers business and the perspective of adding value through Information Technology is our key mission.

We also believe that the value deriving from the employees, their training and development, are the foundations for the success, so we are continuously investing in training and participating in the internal and external R&D processes of our employees.

Finally, in an area of constant change, a continuous innovation is crucial to maintain our competitiveness. For this, we actively participate in community projects, national projects and in a number of Master Degree programs in the best national universities.