Link achieves Oracle’s ODI specialization

Link starts off the year of 2016 on the right foot and manages to obtain a new Oracle specialization, this time in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). The distinction figures among some others, being ODI the eighth Oracle platform that has earned Link the title of Specialized Partner:


  • Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Suite, since 2011
  • Oracle WebCenter Content, since 2011
  • Oracle Unified Business Process Management (BPM), since 2012
  • Oracle Application Grid, since 2012
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation, since 2012
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, since 2014
  • Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), since 2014
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), since 2016


What is ODI?

Oracle Data Integrator is a best-of-breed data integration platform focused on fast bulk data movement and handling complex data transformations. Produced by Oracle and developed in Java technology, this tool not only provides continuous access to a large amount of heterogeneous data (both analytical and operational data) across the whole company – ensuring the information provided is convenient, accurate and consistent in all complex systems –, but also presents data in a fully unified overview and enables data centralized management.


Link’s ODI reference project

In order for Link’s ODI expertise to be acknowledged by Oracle, it was key the submission of a detailed explanation of the project implemented in OTLIS – Transport Operators in the Lisboa Area, since it perfectly depicts the benefits of the platform to a company with a deeper need for data unification and centralization as is the case with OTLIS, being a company that groups together a substantial number of companies.

Manuel Fonseca, Link’s project manager, confirms the critical nature of the work carried out by this organization: «we have other ODI relevant projects in our curriculum at Link (Sonae, for instance), but OTLIS is probably our major reference. The company processes about two million transactions daily, which truly is impressive. The volume of transacted data is around a gigabyte a day and, at certain times, it reaches the two gigabytes».

In fact, as a Complementary Group of Companies (CGC) of Portuguese transport, OTLIS currently has 26 participating operators within its ranks and aims at «creating a ticketing technological platform shared by all Portuguese transport and mobility operators, as well as combining the different ticketing systems into one» (official site). In this context, ODI has been crucial to the everyday operation of the company, offering a consolidated balance of traffic distribution (according to transactions) among the operators.


Other specializations on the way

José Rodrigues, Link’s BPM and WebCenter business manager, is confident that Link will have achieved more Oracle specializations by the end of 2016. Until then, the team will keep on proving it owns the required skills and software expertise to appropriately meet the needs of the most demanding companies.