BAM – Business Activity Monitoring

Business Intelligence in real time
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Business Intelligence in real time

In today’s highly competitive service-oriented business climate, operational managers and executives require real-time visibility into the status of their process networks. However, in current Business Intelligence approaches there is a gap between monitoring and action:

Traditional BI Tools manage only what happened last time, not what is happening now.
No opportunity to take corrective actions while there is still time to avert a crisis.
No opportunity to leverage arbitrage opportunities.

What is it?

What is it for?

Advantages and benefits promoted

BAM – Business Activity Monitoring – means providing real time KPIs, regarding the organization business processes, to managers in order to support real time decisions. BAM is in fact real time business intelligence

Monitor business processes and services in real-time
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)
Analyze events as they occur through complex event processing
Correlate events and key performance indicators
Identify trends as they emerge
Alert users to bottlenecks, exceptions, and solutions to business problems
Act on current conditions either automatically or manually
Event-driven Alerts
Real-time Dashboards
BPEL Processes & Web Services Integration

Quicker decisions (reducing the cycle time of monitor-analyze-act)
Minimize operational risk
Prevent problems and solve it on time
Detect new business oportunities
Gain insight into the organization business processes
So, in summary: Reduce costs, minimize risk and raise margins