Claims Management System


Claims Management System is a platform for implementing the process for settling the claims of an insurance company.

Following its activity in the insurance companies market, Link Consulting has been developing and progress a platform for Claims Management.

What is this?

Claims Management System is a platform for implementing the process for settling the claims of the insurance companies, or of some its operational components.

The current platform supports a set of activities related to the operational management of claims, namely:

  • automatic or manual opening the Claim Processes;
  • characterization and classification of processes;
  • document management;
  • financial management of the process;
  • managing expert reports with integration with inspection service providers or agendas of internal inspectors;
  • control of information sharing and communication with the processes stakeholders;
  • generating indicators and activity reports.

The platform is ready to Support diverse insurance products and their individual requirements, assures the control and compliance with regulations about deadlines for the settlement of claims.

Claims operational management system is capable of automating a set of tasks such as:

  • scanning and including documents in the processes;
  • completing the fraud questionnaire;
  • scheduling external services;
  • generating letters and corresponding mail registration;
  • printing acknowledgments of receipt;
  • sending text messaging notifications;
  • schedule examinations and consolidate results in the processes;
  • allocate one manager to the process based on several factors (load, uniformity typology);
  • controlling team targets based on indicators;
  • calculate costs related to transport of disaster victims based on addresses;
  • multi-channel Communications with the process stakeholders (email, messaging, voice).

Since the information handled by the system is sensitive and confidential, the platform has a flexible model of accesses and permissions, which guarantees a secure access to information.

All documents handled under claims settlement, can be accessed by all process stakeholders, and is included in the different information components, but stored and properly classified in the document management solution – edoclink – which supports the system.

Being a modular platform, it is ready to be integrated with the remaining systems of the insurance companies, such as for querying policies and related coverage, or for updating financial information in the process (provisions, payments, etc.).

Communication with external service suppliers is supported by a set of connectors for easy configuration and translation of data dictionaries.