Link Consulting - edoclink

High operational standard and great ease of use

With a wide experience implementing Document Management solutions, Link Consulting has over 130 edoclink solutions implemented, that altogether total over 30.000 users working with this solution, making it probably the Document Management solution with more users in Portugal.

edoclink is a comprehensive solution crossing all activity sectors and organizations of all sizes. The current list of customers using the solution covers several business sectors both public and private, such as Central and Local Public Administration, Health, Education, Insurance and Services.

edoclink document management solution consists of a base solution and a set of additional modules, which provide concurrently greater coverage and greater flexibility in the implementation, making each project unique. edoclink supports the most recent Microsoft platforms, including a set of features which increasingly are capable of comply with the needs of the organizations. An edoclink based solution is complemented with a set of professional services for implementation, including:

  • Organizational Consulting
  • Setting up the Solution
  • Tailored development (where applicable)
  • User Training
  • Local support
  • Post-production support


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