Urban Planning Management for Autarchies
Link Consulting - eUrban

e-Urban is a Process Automation solution for Managing Urban Planning, based on a workflow platform, allowing the flow and control of the administration processes in the area of Urban Planning and Inspection.

An important mission of the City Councils is land management in all its dimensions. In this mission, urban planning has a key role. The administration processes in Urban Planning and Inspection are complex and governed by specific legislation, having a great importance and visibility in the Autarchies. For their complexity, this processes are slow and difficult to manage and control in a traditional way (paper), always asking for a high volumes of documents. Thus, the Autarchies have the need to implement an information system to streamline the legal procedures of these processes with a deep control over their status and time frames (which is now required by the new legislation). e-Urban aims to meet this need

Especially suited to Autarchies, e-Urban is capable of dematerialize processes, by storing, recording, querying and handling these processes in a fully electronic way. e-urban integrates with the Organization’s Document Management for storing and querying the documents in the process, with a solution for Managing Entities or the Organization’s CRM for querying data of the Entities involved in the process, and with the geographic information system for displaying the georeferenced information relevant to the process. e-Urban can also be integrated with the autarchies’ ERP for controlling the revenues and also to assure interoperability with DGAL’s Autarchy’s Portal, concerning requests to Entities outside the Autarchy (that according to the new RJUE, need to be handled electronically).

While adopting e-Urban solution, the Autarchy will achieve a set of benefits, such as:

Reduced costs, higher speed

Higher productivity

Increasing quality

Improved effectiveness

Reduced response times

Increased level of satisfaction

While offering the possibility to dematerialize the Urban Planning administration processes, e-Urban offers a concurrent query of the processes in geographically dispersed locations, reducing costs and avoiding waiting time while transferring a paper process between the different stakeholders.

e-Urban provides support for examining administrative proceedings of urban planning analysis and urban inspection, guiding employees in their tasks, automating tasks where possible, and reducing the chance of human error. Additionally, e-Urban’s capability of integration with other information systems in the Autarchy, increases the efficiency of the employees’ daily work, by eliminating collection/querying/manual insertion of data in different scattered systems.

Increasing quality of the public service: while allowing the Autarchy to easily know at any time, the status of the process, e-Urban is capable of providing more and better information to the citizen, when he asks for clarification on its ongoing processes. For supporting the Organization’s Management, e-Urban offers process performance indicators (BAM – Business Activity Monitoring) for supporting the decision-making processes and quality assessment of the service provided.

Improved effectiveness of services: while providing the Autarchy with the tools for identifying bottleneck points in the processes performance, and information to assess the service quality, with e-Urban the Organization can identify the need to streamline administration processes, redesigning the processing flows or adapting the resources to each task for improving efficiency.

Reduced response times to the citizen; with e-Urban the Autarchy is capable of proactively control the time for handling the processes, with alerts and checkpoints, acting timely to avoid delays, offering the citizens a quick turnaround time and assuring that legal deadlines are met;

Increased level of satisfaction of citizens due to the Organization’s reduced turnaround times and better quality of the service provided.