Financial Services

Link Consulting - Financial Services

Within a context of high competition levels and a stagnation of the universe of potential customers, the Financial Services institutions are forced to adopt new products and cross sell amongst their existing customers, while seeking to gain new customers from the competition. This factor, together with the increasing pressure for regulation, forces organizations to know and review their processes, so that they are able to simultaneously improve the contact with their customers, satisfy the need for costs reduction and satisfy the needs of the regulating entities.

Link consulting focus its specific offer for the Financial Services segment in three vectors, based on its experience and the use of correctly aligned most advanced methodologies and technologies:

Link consulting has a vast experience in the supply of internet and mobile channels, based on a tested, comprehensive and flexible solution used by many banking institutions. We are also extremely experienced in the automation of internal processes, with a view to improve the capacity and response time to customers.

With our Enterprise Architecture offer we help companies to know and represent their processes and systems and how they correlate, something fundamental for risk management and to manage the regulation requirements, such as those derived from Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II.

Finally, we provide our Tests offer, usable by all types of medium and large dimension companies that use Information Technologies intensively, providing services from requisite validation, to program acceptance tests and end-to-end test of systems.