Industry and Services

Link Consulting - Industry Services

Companies in the Industry and Services segments are currently undergoing enormous challenges facing a changing market. The constant need to innovate in terms of products and manufacturing processes or service delivery, derived from the ever increasing demands from customers and a galloping competition, consequences of the globalization and the disappearance of borders, causes success to depend from flexibility, quality, response time, production cost and management of the relationship with business partners, suppliers and customers.

Link consulting provides integrated and adaptable solutions. With our Architecture Enterprise offer we help companies to know and represent their processes and systems and how they correlate amongst themselves, a fundamental step to optimize processes and respond with flexibility to the needs for change and innovation. Our management offers enable us to plan and control industrial production or service providing, with investments appropriated to small, medium or large companies, and a high return on investment.

We also provide Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management solutions, to enable managers to obtain the indicators they need to control and take business decisions.

Finally, we provide our Tests offer, usable by all types of medium and large dimension companies that use Information Technologies intensively, providing services from requisite validation, to program acceptance tests and end-to-end test of systems.