Logistics, Transportation and Distribution

Link Consulting - Logistics Transportation

In the Distribution business, the ability to quickly respond, innovate and adapt to beat the competition is determinant. As such, companies need to adopt more advanced business processes, reacting against the increasing competition and reducing intermediaries. Simultaneously, they need to increase their service level to consumers, or comply with more demanding service requisites from their main customers and suppliers.

At the same time, their processes need to adapt to new approaches and technologies, such as global sourcing, logistics and transportations outsourcing and technological innovations, with special emphasis on RFID.

Logistics and Transportations operators are faced with similar challenges, always handling increasing demands regarding the service levels required by their customers, within a high production costs environment.

Our offer for the Logistics, Transportation and Distribution segment is focused on a set of specific solutions designed to handle the increasing challenges faced by the companies operating in these sectors. We use the most advanced technologies and methodologies to help our customers enhance their processes and use systems in line with their needs, with high return on investment and appropriate and differentiated solutions for large, medium or small companies.