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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise planning solution and resources for midsize organizations, which aims to integrate operational, financial and administrative processes in a single solution. The solution is easy to customize, very intuitive and simple to maintain, and was developed to increase productivity without disrupting business operations day-to-day. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables the implementation of specific features of activity in the sector relevant to the organization’s needs, making the most effective users and the company more competitive.

Link Consulting offers organizations a very intuitive work environment, easy to manage and can be customized according to the needs of each company. The management tool also allows full integration, not only with other Microsoft applications as well as with other systems.

ms-dynamics-logo-colorMicrosoft Dynamics NAV will help manage the operations of organizations in a much more efficient and productive, giving greater control over the whole business. The sector in which the companies operate is not a problem for the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) as this solution has the ability to cover any area of ​​activity.

Thus, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it is for all companies seeking, in addition to all the features that a traditional management software offers, have complete control over their business processes, improve the accuracy of their analyzes and power integrate all areas of a company (accounting, treasury, supply chain, project management, production, human resources, sales and marketing). It is the best choice for companies that need a comprehensive management software that unifies all business processes in a fully integrated system.