Public Administration and Justice

Link Consulting - Public Administration

The central, regional and local Public Administration organizations are currently undergoing a deep modification, due to a paradigm change in the relationship with citizens. Citizens are now viewed as customer-citizens to whom organizations provide a service and are treated with a quality and attention totally different from those which were previously bestowed to the user-citizen.

At link consulting we bring together the technological know-how with the process know-how and the organizations’ needs of the Administration in general, and Justice in particular, as the result of a long experience in the development of successful systems and solutions for the Administration.

Starting with the knowledge of the working model of organizations, which we are able to capture by means of advanced methods of survey, analysis, description and process representation, we implement solutions targeted at simplification and internal costs reduction and simplification and quality in terms of service providing to the citizen. These solutions are characterized by their integration ability, modularity, easiness of use and, above all, reduced learning costs.

For the back-office area we provide simple and flexible solutions for process automation, document management and employee access (intranet), already implemented with a high level of success in many organizations.

For the front-office area, our concept is based on a solution for a multi-channel “Single Desk?, integrated with the back-office solutions (document management, workflow, CRM, intranet and business specific applications), based on state-of-the-art technologies, enabling the Administration organizations to provide the highest quality in service providing to citizens, in a simple and convenient way and at the lowest cost.