Public Transportation

Link Consulting - Public Transportation

Passenger Transportation services, especially collective public transportation services in big metro areas, are confronted with enormous challenges related to services efficiency, the quality demanded by customers and costs pressure, namely the ones due to the increase of energy costs.

Link consulting was a pioneer in the design, development and field implementation of advanced ticketing systems, based on contactless smartcards. We provide innovative and field proven solutions, from system design consulting to implementation, covering the management of several types of transportation titles, cards lifecycle, different ways of payment and the integration of multiple operators within the same system.

We also provide advanced systems for the operational management of passenger transportation companies which, integrated with other specific business systems, enable the joining and real time use of the varied available data, producing repositories from which to extract the complex management information required by this type of companies, both for management purposes and to comply with the requirements of the regulation entities.

As a preview to the future, we also provide systems for the operation and management of car sharing systems, a business model still in its infancy, but with a high potential to become usual in big metro areas.
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