Utilities, Infrastructures and Construction

Link Consulting - Utilities

More than ever, the alignment amongst strategy, processes and systems is of major importance for the companies in the Utilities business segment, as a reaction to a market changing from a monopoly regime to a strong competition one, where several major splits and/or merges have taken place, and in a high pressure environment due to the increase of energy costs.

Companies related to the Infrastructures business segment, be it those that promote and manage public infrastructures, such as roads, ports and airports, or those which build those same infrastructures, or perform other construction works, face a complex set of resources, partners and regulators with whom they must interact. As such, they can’t avoid using increasingly complex planning and control systems and other IT applications, such as mobility, positioning and RFID.

Our offer to the companies in this business segment includes solutions for planning, operations and control management adjusted to the specific needs, incorporating the most advanced technologies, such as mobile devices support, the use of GPS for positioning and/or the use of RFID to track and trace people or objects.

Also for the companies in this business sector we provide our Tests offer, usable by all types of medium and large dimension companies that use Information Technologies intensively, providing services from requisite validation, to program acceptance tests and end-to-end test of systems.