EAMS used in the defense sector – CDD (Defense Data Center)

Commander Nelson Gama, from CDD, presented last October 25th in Lisbon, an overview of what has been the development of the Enterprise Architecture practice within this organism of the Defense Ministry. It is used both as an Architectural view of the organization as well as to sustain ITIL practices at the operational level.

Used since two years ago, the first stage was to retrieve and model all the needed information, of the application and infrastructure layer into EAMS. All the information from the virtual machines, physical servers, to the applications and operational functions that depend on them are mapped.

Since EAMS is also a communication tool, all the documents and relevant contents, that are associated with each artifact (applications, functions, servers, etc) are available from the tool, making it very easy to access information needed for transformation projects (such as migrations).

The next step will be integrating with the CMDB in order to allow for the architects to have access to operational information, relevant for analysis and decision making.

Commander Nelson Gama claims that the use of a tool such as EAMS, with easy to navigate blueprints, allowed CDD to eliminate the information silos, that many times were not only between departments, but also within people, that many times contained the needed information.