Link presents EAMS tool at the EA Gartner Summit 2014 in London

Link was present at the London EA Gartner Summit in the past 21-22 May, where presented it’s EAMS (Enterprise Architecture Management System) tool.

Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2014 is the largest and most considered european event for Enterprise Architecture.

EAMS is a tool that has the objective of simplifying the implementation and management of Enterprise Architecture projects throught the organization. To assure that goal it has connectors not only to other EA tools, but also with CMDBs – Configuration Management Database and BPA – Business Process Analysis tools, so as to aggregate all the needed information to automatically produce the architectural blueprints.

EAMS produces easy to navigate blueprints for non-specialized users, making them useful as a common ground for discussion between different areas of the organization, whether they are technical or business.

Besides gathering and representing the present state of the organization, it also includes information of planned and on going projects, which allows the user to obtain future state blueprints of the organization (To Be states) and, with that, plan his projects in a much more efficient way, avoiding duplications or inconsistencies.

Link is a brand for Aitec Group, that is present in three continents and has more than 15 years of experience. Last year, more than a quarter of its sales where internationally generated.