Link published an article in Oracle Technology Network

Under the title “SOA Governance Through Enterprise Architecture” this is one of the technical articles published in OTN – the largest worldwide community of developers, system administrators and architects interested in using the best technological practices on environments supported by Oracle products.

Manuel Rosa (SOA Governance Practice Leader) and André Sampaio (Senior Consultant of Enterprise Architecture) were both the authors of this article which aims to offer a global vision about the way an enterprise architecture serving SOA Governance, will work as supplier for mechanisms and tools required to enhance the required information for applications, processes and managing projects portfolio. This will assure a complete involvement with SOA Governance and IT Governance. SOA Governance will promote an efficient management and implementation of Service Oriented Architectures, being crucial to companies aiming to achieve consistency and basic targets, such as promoting awareness, discovery and reuse of services; cost control and risks associated with the development process and reduced time-to-market.

This article describes how OER – Oracle Enterprise Repository – is used as key element to SOA Governance initiatives. OER works as a metadata management and governance channel for all types of SOA assets. Together with OER comes EAMS – Enterprise Architecture Management System – developed by Link, which enables the very technical SOA information to be easily shared with other profiles, such as Architects, Project Managers or Business Analysts.

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