EAMS explores

Exploring your enterprise landscape must be an intuitive and simple activity. EAMS allows the user to explore the information supported by tabular views (Data), Blueprints, Charts and Reports.


  • Full access to the repository data – search and navigate through the elements of the repository, their properties, and the relationships between them.
  • Explore the data’s lifecycle.
  • Perform queries over the data to get your custom views.


  • Automated blueprint creation on fully extendable parameterizations.
  • Link-EAMS-explores-blueprintsTime and Lifecycle based visualizations. Use the time-bar to visualize in a single diagram the past, present and future off all depicted elements and state transitions throughout their lifecycles.


  • Explore charts based on extendable parameterizations.
  • Support run-time configuration capability with Time and Lifecycle based visualizations.


  • Automated Report creation based on fully extendable templates.