EA for all Stakeholders

Organizations need better tools to build up a common platform upon which business and IT is able to cooperate and come up with better and innovative solutions.

The capacity to gather information from different sources and produce consolidated architectural maps easy to understand suitable to each stakeholder is one aspect that makes EAMS the right tool for both business and IT.

As an example, consider the following Architectural Blueprint (that corresponds to Business Process Layer Alignment Archimate Viewpoint) which was generated automatically and on a daily basis with information gathered from different repositories within the organization.

This is just one example of an Architectural Blueprint that can be generated, but many more exist or can be defined.
Bring Architecture to a wide variety of Business stakeholders.


See Petrobras testimony on the benefits of using EAMS: The use of EAMS (Enterprise Architecture Management System) provided a common language between Business and IT, and a common tool, that Business and IT could both work together on and make decisions:

  • A friendly and simple visualization of Architecture blueprints
  • Graphic blueprints with drill-down
  • Analytical views and blueprints (“BI for architecture data”)
  • Scheduled report generation
  • Time & Lifecycle-based visualization
  • Use a time-bar to view the architecture transformation (as it was in the past, as it is and as it will be) based on state transitions throughout their component lifecycles.