EA for SOA Governance

SOA Governance aims at improving IT spending, mostly by assuring the adequate services are created, promoting their reuse and evolution. It also needs to make available correct information to support decision making, while promoting visibility over the existing enterprise assets.

Still, the reality is that existing SOA tools are mainly is technical-oriented towards specialized audiences and some views on information are simply not directly available to business.

A common vernacular, symbol set and structured viewpoints are the basic components of a successful communication for every target audience in a SOA Governance initiative. By deriving the fundamental concepts and mapping practices from Enterprise Architecture, information from a SOA bus can be filtered, organized and leveraged according to the needs of everyone involved.

EAMS comes in place as the provider of a higher layer of insight on SOA Governance information.

Link-EAMS-IT-SOA-GOV-01First, it provides a set of simple enough views, to create a common ground for business and other parts of IT, and not only for the SOA Architects or Developers.

Second, it allows service lifecycle to be mapped into present and future business needs, thus promoting SOA views for management.
It is all about making it work. Transformation initiatives are complex in any discipline, whatever its maturity level. The steps are simple, their implementation is not, either resulting from the lack of adequate tools, lack of man-power and sponsorship. The tools must evolve to accommodate a consolidate non-silo repositories, gaining cross-organization sponsorship by providing value to the various stakeholders. With multi-heterogeneous-concerns the representations must be adequate and deliver what is intended, and they must be managed and created with the aid of automatic mechanisms thus avoiding most of the human effort in maintaining them up-to-date.

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