EA to Empower your IBM SA

Three Questions for IBM Rational System Architect users:

1 – What if could update your diagrams automatically?
2 – What if you could navigate through your SA diagrams using a new and easier interface?
3 – What if you could seamlessly travel in time in all your diagrams?

1 - Simplify information Harvesting and Input


Aggregating all needed EA information from the relevant sources inside the organization, so as to automatically generate EA blueprints.

2 - Create na EA platform for all users


Supporting communication and decision making by providing simple interfaces and blueprints that comply to standards and contain all the business and technical information needed.

Link-EAMS-IT-Empower-IBM-SA-03Creating and integrated vision between the As-Is and the To-Be by having all the information needed to generate time related representations that include lifecycle information of new and discontinued assets.



Link-EAMS-IT-Empower-IBM-SA-04EAMS is fully integrated with IBM’s Rational System Architect, and uses its repository as its own, so this will allow for existing IBM SA Clients:

  • Capitalize on their investment using their current repository and tool
  • Bring all users on to a common and friendly interface, easy to navigate
  • Allow for a more efficient planning, by using “To-Be” blueprints
  • EAMS can automatically generate SA diagrams and keep the SA repository updated


EAMS will allow you to:

Create a common ground for project discussions between business and IT
Reduce costs and inefficiencies by planning the future over a time sliding ruler to see all your future states.
Download the EAMS - SA brochure