Who we help

+ Architects

For Enterprise Architects, this tool can be a valuable asset to promote EA inside the organization. EAMS can use the information already existing in an EA tool. EAMS is not a modeling tool or an EA repository, and is not meant to replace them, but to complement them.

There are several things that can go wrong or can make EA Governance difficult.
Regularly updating all the information contained in the EA blueprint.
Common language between EA and Business – reaching a representation that is both understandable by Business and useful for EA.


+ CIO and Business Managers

EAMS is a tool that allows for the CIOs and Business Managers to have a clear overview of all IT and its implications in business, and IT strategy. EAMS provides a simple and intuitive interface promoting an uncomplicated user experience allowing you to navigate through the landscape and to establish dependencies between business objects and IT artifacts, from processes, to applications, to projects, to infrastructures.

EAMS is able to gather and consolidate information from available repositories, such as EA, CMDB, BPA tools and SOA Governance tools, and show consolidated views, with only the necessary information, for the stakeholder.

For a CIO or a Business Manager, it makes it easy to understand change implications, easy to have a view of the past, present and future blueprints, using the “time travel” function, and see the project interdependencies.


+ IT Managers

For IT Managers, EAMS simplifies the Governance of all IT artifacts (projects, applications, infrastructure, etc) allowing to:

  • Have a real-time view updated view of the IT landscape, both current and foreseen, based on ongoing and planned projects. This allows a step by step view of the evolution from current AS IS to target future state.
  • GAP analyses between artifacts on the projects pipeline and planned ones are provided on a weekly timeframe.
  • Discover redundancies both in business demands and IT artifacts. By providing a common language between IT and Business, it becomes much easier to detect redundancies on both domains.
  • Assess overall effort, cost and risks due to planned projects pipeline, for the organization, based on architectural elements.


+ Project Managers

EAMS allows for project managers to plan effectively by being aware of the impact of any changes of their project in the organization and also the impact of other changes in their own project.

EAMS is particularly useful for project managers, because of its consolidation and update features.

EAMS is able to consolidate information from different repositories (EA, CMDB, SOA, BPA, etc) and update them regularly, being a reliable and up to date source of information, for any changes in projects and artifacts, reflecting dependencies.