EAMS for CIOs and Business Managers


EAMS is a tool that allows for the CIOs and Business Managers to have a clear overview of all IT and its implications in business, and IT strategy. EAMS provides a simple and intuitive interface promoting an uncomplicated user experience allowing you to navigate through the landscape and to establish dependencies between business objects and IT artifacts, from processes, to applications, to projects, to infrastructures.

EAMS is able to gather and consolidate information from available repositories, such as EA, CMDB, BPA tools and SOA Governance tools, and show consolidated views, with only the necessary information, for the stakeholder.

For a CIO or a Business Manager, it makes it easy to understand change implications, easy to have a view of the past, present and future blueprints, using the “time travel” function, and see the project interdependencies.

So, EAMS allows to:

  • Understand the IT that supports your needs, even those that do not have IT skills. EAMS generates simplified blueprints from much complex ones used in IT.
  • Visualize Business dependencies.
  • Anticipate what you will get, by browsing IT plans. EAMS produces consolidated and simple views over the foreseen outcomes, on-going and planned projects, up to date. You will not be caught by surprise!
  • Being better informed so you will become a more active player in Business –IT alignment, since IT will no longer be a black box.