EAMS for Project Managers


EAMS allows for project managers to plan effectively by being aware of the impact of any changes of their project in the organization and also the impact of other changes in their own project.

EAMS is particularly useful for project managers, because of its consolidation and update features.

EAMS is able to consolidate information from different repositories (EA, CMDB, SOA, BPA, etc) and update them regularly, being a reliable and up to date source of information, for any changes in projects and artifacts, reflecting dependencies.

In summary, it allows Project Managers to:

  • Understand the Business Requirements
  • Reduce project effort in information gathering
  • Find dependencies between projects
  • Benefit from up-to date documentation
  • Simplify planning by gaining insight of already planned artifacts

Link-EAMS-IT-Project-TeamsAs an example how EAMS can help project teams, in the “Project Context” blueprint are presented the artefacts being somehow involved in the Kratos Project, and in “Projet Impact” Blueprint project Kratos dependencies with other projects, either ongoing or planned are depicted.

In this map, the kratos project (the one being analyzed), appear on the top left side and below the list of projects that have dependencies with it.

For example, by clicking on the Artemis project, one can see nature of the dependencies between the two projects: One we click on the “Resource Configuration”, one of the identified artefact , we can identify the reason of the dependency. In this case, Artemis project plans to decommission this artifact.

It can also be seen the Context were all the artifacts that have any relation with the project are represented, as well as the projects that have na impact or can be impacted by the changes the project Kratos will make to existing artifacts.