Interactive Emotions

We believe in the power of the moment. In its creative capacity. In its total connection to reality.

We are convinced that by developing technology to support people within these moments (individual or collective), we can create value by adding the dimension of interaction to contents and building on them, moments where resources, people and information are able to interact, in a natural way.

That’s the reason why we develop interfaces for mobile terminals, we create experiences in augmented reality for their contents or portal, we develop socially aware apps bringing the universe of social networks within their organization as an added value, we provide technology support to processes and innovative business interfaces in which their contents are the key, the competitive advantage, the reason that was missing, making them available in the right place and when they are more useful.

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And because we trust in a future where the geography in which we live, the language we speak or the age we have will become of less importance for our individual future, we assume the collective responsibility to develop technology for supporting the lives of people and organizations in this dimension.

The dimension of interaction, of real time, of sharing.
We want you to have all that you need, now!





To develop technology to instrument in time, the opportunities supported in the moment where resources, people and information, share the ability and desire to interact in a natural way.

Technologies Contents Interfaces
Open Source
Share Point 2010
Flash Builder
Digital Vídeo
Augmented Reality
3 d Models
3d Vídeo
Interactive Experiences
Mobile phone
Multi-Touch surfaces
Corporate TV
Power Boxes


Technologies for interaction with mobile devices, game development and 3D content, platforms for distributing widgets to desktop, mobile phones and television, applications for interactive television, applications and services based on augmented reality, recognition of Tags 1d, 2d and RFID, multi-touch surfaces, open source development platforms, Share Point 2010, integration of social media, voice recognition and synthesis, video processing, creative contents and new services, 3rd generation entertainment platforms for television, augmented reality interfaces, development of applications for social media.


Mobile Web Contents
Babá Cientista
Dancing Star
Formula Schin
Museu do Futebol
Lisboa Card
Multi-platform projects that enable the public to follow and interact with characters as naturally as communicating with friends.