Mobility and related Services to improve and promote a harmonious development of large metropolitan areas

Mobility and related Services are key issues to improve urban life quality and promote a harmonious development of large metropolitan areas.

Link’s SmartCITIES concept proposes an integrated approach for the mobility. This approach uses the Electronic ticketing network as the basis to build a platform to support a wide range of mobility and citizenship services.


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Link Consulting - SmartCities - Concept

SmartCITIES concept is based on Link’s deep functional expertise in Public Transport operations and the profound knowledge of enabling technologies, such as smartcards, RF/Contactless, mobile phones.

Link SmartCITIES has the skill, tools and expertise required to implement end-to end interoperable electronic ticketing and citizenship services, both for transportation operators and transit coordinating authorities:

Products and frameworks to implement interoperable automatic fare collection systems independent from the equipment suppliers;
Multi-vendor Automatic fare collection systems development and integration with the central back office systems and other operational systems;
Support on the global systems architecture design and specification. Technical support on the contactless technologies support and integration.