System Quality Assurance

Performing autonomous testing based on standards and consolidated processes to ensure the systems quality.

Organizations are increasingly depending on critical mission systems, for supporting their vital business processes. Changes in context at business level are getting more frequent, forcing IT areas in the organizations to constantly restructuring their systems, increasing the risk of failures due to their complexity.

Performing tests based on standards and consolidated processes, as well as having expert and autonomous testing teams, are essential to ensure the systems quality, from the requirements definition until getting into production.

Link Consulting - Test Factory - architecture


Based on the experience from Aitec Brazil, which provides services for software testing and quality since 1999, Link Consulting developed a new offer divided in three types of tests:

intended to ensure the systems behavior is compliant with the specifications and with the final customer expectations.

intended to ensure the security of systems and their infrastructures at several levels.
Load and performance tests: intended to ensure the good performance of systems in production, simulating scenarios of intensive processing and handling of large data volumes.
Orthogonally to the above mentioned services, Link offer will propose three models of services that will suit the customers’ needs and maturity in terms of tests practice:

Consulting and mentoring: Consulting services for customers who intend to review or implement test practices and quality policies.

Performing outsourcing projects onsite: Performing test projects of small or medium dimension in outsourcing in the customer facilities.

Tests Lab: Performing test projects of large dimension where the majority of the team is offsite in a text lab.

As previously mentioned, these models will fit the customers’ needs and maturity with a natural evolution of the model in contract, following the team experience with the customer and the number of tested systems.