Business Process Management



In an ever-changing, more demanding business world, companies differentiate themselves by their process efficiency and capability to adapt to frequent business changes.
Business Managers need to have the capability to analyse, monitor, measure and act on their business, adapting to market needs and changes. Oracle BPM Suite is a platform that gives and enhances these capabilities towards process management excellence, allowing full control over the company’s business processes, even on those that are not formally in any given traditional system, like e-mails and spreadsheets, leveraging process improvements in execution time and cost.
Oracle BPM Suite is fully integrated in the Oracle Middleware Technology Stack, working together with other Oracle and non-Oracle products (through the use of industry standards) to support business needs and make use of already deployed capabilities inside the company. It offers best-of-bread tools and functionality, such as:
  • Process Modelling in industry standard BPMN 2.0;
  • Different tools for different profiles, making it easier to adopt and use throughout the company;
  • Rapid process prototyping capabilities, with a zero-code approach, to build and deploy fully-working business process applications, allowing a deeper involvement of non-technical, more business focused company resources;
  • What-you-design-is-what-you-execute: the process designed by business users is what is actually executed by the platform’s engine, completely auditable and monitorable;
  • Process Simulation integrated in the process design tools, with impact calculation;
  • Collaborative tools that allow project teams to work together and maintain a single view of the project deliverables.
  • Human task support, with efficient UI for both computers and mobile devices;
  • Real-time monitoring of process execution and alerts, thus effectively managing SLA’s and preventing, rather than correcting, situations that are harmful for businesses;
  • Document management integrated with Oracle WebCenter products, especially useful on document-centric processes;
  • In-company Service and Event reuse, through the use of SOA, via Oracle SOA Suite, and industry standards such as BPEL;
  • Process execution support tools, allowing support teams to effectively manage running processes and allowing fast response to business requests to change running processes;
  • Adaptative Case-Management (ACM) capabilities incorporated in the platform’s engine, allowing hybrid approaches and taking advantage of what BPM and ACM offer at any given moment.