• Universal Architecture of Document and Content Management
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Expansibility and scalability
  • Content conversion
  • Security
A requirement to achieve success is the assurance that the business information is provided to the right individuals at the right time. Taking such idea into account, the content management systems have become a critical infra-structure component, that create a set of new demands in terms of expanded capacities of content management.
Link Consulting provides services that encompass installation, development and management of Enterprise Content Management solutions, while also delivers specialized consulting supported by a proven ECM approach.
Besides a number of success cases in renowned clients attesting to the capacity and excellence, Link Consulting is also distinguished as an Oracle WebCenter Content Specialized Partner.
Main Features
  • Universal, integrated and unified document and content management that includes:
    • Content and document management: drawings; images; manuals; reports.
    • Digital Asset Management
    • Records Management and File Retention
  • Content Conversion
    • Automated conversion of over 390 native file formats such as PDF or HTML.
  • Ease of use
    • Standard web browser interfacing
    • MS Office extensions that allow direct submissions to the repository
    • MS Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes extensions that enable direct email registration
    • Windows Explorer extension that delivers a drag & drop interface with the repository
    • In-line and real time contribution
  • Dematerialization
    • Digitalize and capture paper documents with Oracle Document Capture
  • Processes and Workflows
    • Notifications and task management
    • Deadlines and warnings
ECM Principles
  • ECM is an initiative, not an application.
  • Focused on managing non-structured information (emails, videos, documents, …)
  • Covers all the contents lifecycle.
  • Upholds content Findability and Reuse.
  • Enforces the single source of truth principle.
  • Attests to the content’s security.
  • Assures content consolidation.
  • Enables infra-structure cost control.
  • Link Consulting provides services also for solution of processes supporting document and content which delivers a process execution platform, regardless whether they are document management processes or complex business processes.
  • The global solution is based on the Oracle WebCenter Content that offers a wide range of content management features. The implementation of the processes supporting the management of content and documents is guaranteed by the Oracle Business Process Management Suite (Oracle BPM Suite).