Great feedback from our students at Link’s Red Summer School

This course has proven very useful. At university we do everything locally: on our computers or using virtual machines. Here the computers we are working on matter very little, rather we are more focused on these new technologies available on the Cloud. Besides that, everything I’m doing here relates closely to the masters I’m doing. And the work environment among all people at Link is spectacular. I came not having any expectations about what I would find, but if I had had them, so far the course would have exceed them.”


There are many things we are learning here that I’ll be learning further in the masters I’ll do, and I knew nothing about those things. The best of this course is being able to use all the new Oracle tools (which will give me an advantage over my master’s colleagues), realise what a business environment looks like (I had no idea!) and meet José, who may eventually become my thesis advisor. I like the way he guides us.


I decided to try this course to get confronted with the real world problems and get more in touch with the practical side of the business, as I’m about to finish my studies and I want to understand what I’ll do after. This is definitely different from university and that’s a plus. Here we are faced with more problems. Besides the main problem, we have to be able to solve the small problems that arise and take our focus away from the main problem (if the tool doesn’t work, for instance) to be successful. Also, José is an expert. He knows a lot about these topics.


José explains everything very well and manages to help us all when we have doubts about what he’s teaching us. He’s someone easy to talk to and really makes us feel at ease.


Ever since I’ve been studying at Técnico that I hear a lot about Link. When I did an internship at Link INOV, I noticed there are many people working here that also teach at Técnico (including one of my thesis advisors, Professor Pedro Sousa). I would love to be a teacher at Técnico too, perhaps when I finish my masters. So, learning to use these Oracle tools on the Cloud is never anything but useful and I think it will be a plus for my curriculum, as nowadays it’s all about the Cloud. And the course has been great fun!


I think one of the most positive aspects of this course is the Oracle toolset we’re learning to work on. And I really had no idea Link was this big and important and was surprised when I found out that the company administrator is actually one of the teachers I had at university. Everything’s pretty cool!


Pretty cool is hearing all these nice words from our students. We’re glad to know you’re enjoying the course!