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Link Consulting - Business Intelligence

BAM – Business Activity Monitoring

Business Intelligence in real time In today’s highly competitive service-oriented business climate, operational managers and executives require real-time visibility into the status of their process networks. However, in current Business Intelligence approaches there is a gap between monitoring and action: Traditional BI Tools manage only what happened last time, not what is happening now. No...
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Link Consulting - BPM & SOA


In an ever-changing, more demanding business world, companies differentiate themselves by their process efficiency and capability to adapt to frequent business changes. Business Managers need to have the capability to analyse, monitor, measure and act on their business, adapting to market needs and changes. Oracle BPM Suite is a platform that gives and enhances these...
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Link Consulting - SmartCITIES


SmartTicketing @ Link is a group specialized in electronic ticketing systems with deep expertise in Public Transport operations and the profound knowledge of enabling technologies, such as smartcards, RF/Contactless, mobile phones. SmartTicketing has the skill, tools and expertise required to implement end-to end interoperable electronic ticketing and citizenship services, both for transportation operators and transit...
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