Link completes first phase of SIIT renovation project for OTLIS

Link has successfully completed the first phase of the project SIIT Renovation for OTLIS – Transport Operators of Lisbon Region
SIIT is a system for managing customers and Lisboa VIVA cards, also ensuring the central consolidation of sales and usage of contactless transport titles in Lisbon region. 

To keep up with the changing needs of their members and continue their line of business development, OTLIS decided to proceed with the renewal of SIIT, combining the modernization of the user interface, with the support of new VIVA cards.

In the sequence of the services Link has been providing to OTLIS on the development and support of electronic ticketing systems in Lisbon region, particularly in maintaining the SIIT application platform, Link assured the 1st phase of SIIT renovation project. This process comprises other stages that, once completed, will ensure a completely revamped version of this system, which will replace the current version in all its aspects: personalization, card recovery and revenue sharing.

This first phase also included the renewal of SIIT interface, supporting more updated browsers, modernization in the peripherals support (printer, webcam, scanner, etc.) and support for remote configuration of user stations.

With the completion of the first phase of the project, OTLIS now owns an upgraded system, based on modern tools to streamline the introduction of the business changes.


OTLIS is the Complementary Grouping of transport companies, developing and managing the intermodal ticketing system VIVA and providing interoperability services to mobility ticketing through the development of technological solutions in the field of contactless systems. 

Established in 1996 by seven transport operators in the Lisbon region, to share experiences, knowledge and resources in the domain of contactless technologies and intermodal tariff systems, OTLIS now operates the VIVA System, providing services to more than two dozen transport and mobility companies, in and out of AML (Lisbon Metropolitan Area).

OTLIS goals are to deploy their services and VIVA cards in a growing universe of mobile customers by offering their central technology platform to all participating operators, creating specifications and VIVA tools to standardize the different systems, means and channels, towards an integrated ticketing system that will appeal to new markets and generates a recognized value to the operators joining the system. 

OTLIS members are: Companhia Carris de Ferro, S.A.; CP – Comboios de Portugal, E.P.E.; Metropolitano de Lisboa, E.P.E.; Transtejo/Soflusa, S.A.; Barraqueiro Transportes, S.A.; Rodoviária de Lisboa, S.A., Transportes Sul do Tejo, S.A..
In addition to the associated companies, there are already 22 Transport Operators using VIVA System.