This was the theme taken by Link-Redglue to Helsinki. Luis Marques and Hugo Almeida gave a talk at the Full Stack Developer Conference entitled live demo on how to transform relational database into authentic source of data streaming through the Kafka ecosystem.


It’s no news that we have several projects ongoing and some already done integrating Apache Kafka with existing relational database systems.

This experience comes with some experience pains, lessons learned and a lot of insights.

But it all starts at the beginning… how to read and stream data from RDBMS to Kafka? From Kafka Connect to CDC’s, we gathered great insights on how to handle this in various relational databases.

Our experts Luis Marques and Hugo Almeida are going to give a talk about this and more at the Full Stack Developer Conference Finland later this month, with lots of examples and demos. They are available also for responding to your questions about the subject… grab them after their session!

Kafka is a two-day conference in Helsinki that yearned for and had more than 30 speakers from around the world such as: Database, Cloud Technologies, Blockchain, Devops, Web, etc.

The function was a message about what is being done and its ecosystem and demonstrated a great deal of solutions for conducting data-based surveys. Public method that Kafka and CDC’s are possible to extra information from the date in real and without charge to the sources of data.

Despite being an early edition of the conference, the Finns imposed their organization and natural form everything went as expected. During the two days of the conference there was no lack of fun and meals, we were very well received.