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04 Jul 2020


Consumer & Industrial Products

Whether it is a pizza from around the corner, or a gadget from the other side of the world, everyone expects to place the order with a digital assistant and have real time traceability on mobile.

Today, customers expect mobile first, chat bots, text and voice interfaces. Shopping experience starts in the social media with targeted content and impulse buying ability. Cloud solutions provide the ability to add artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning to all these channels, enhancing the user experience.

Expectations are met with properly integrated agile systems, with collaborative ways for API development amongst partners, and with automated processes that involve the supply chain.

Information collected from all sources is key to understand customers and suppliers. Real time information is here, and organizations must automate their processes to offer end to end accurate item level traceability.

Financial Services

Financial Services Industry continues a fast paced transformation, focused on customers’ needs and regulatory requirements.

Link has a large experience in helping Banking and Insurance companies, using the most recent technologies and disruptive approaches in Europe, Africa, South America and Middle East.

Link proposal aims at helping Financial Services Institutions delivering  the future solutions through their digital transformation journey, using our experience, our own IP and third party products and partnerships.

Our more than 20 years’ experience implementing business solutions, includes:

  • Banking and Insurance Channels, focusing on customer experience, mobility, security and product subscription and recommendation;
  • Process optimization and automation – with the Process Factory concept – using technologies such as Document Management, BPM and RPA;
  • Data Driven Insights with the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Integrated Risk Management, helping customers implementing internal and regulatory solutions.

Link expertise is a key factor to leverage customer success, using the trendier methodologies for Enterprise Architecture, Low Code Development and Software Quality Assurance.

Our expertise in the most recent technologies, including Cloud, Big Data and API Management is key for implementing high quality solutions.

Public Sector

Link Consulting has a large experience implementing digital transformation and administrative modernization projects in the Portuguese Public Sector. We are committed to the implementation of advanced technologies and user-friendly solutions.

Nowadays, public service providers face major challenges: citizens are increasingly demanding when it comes to efficiency and quality, public management must be cost efficient and more work needs to be done with less cost and in a shorter time.

Since the beginning of its activity Link has consistently remained a strong player in this area by creating skills, offering a comprehensive range of services representing a unique consulting offer, and making Link a reference partner for the different public services, being recognized by its engagement in developing and implementing information systems able to dematerialize and digitally transform public sectors.

Starting by understanding the working model of organizations – which we are able to capture by using advanced methods of survey, analysis, description and process representation – we implement solutions for reducing internal costs and increasing the simplicity and quality of the service provided to the citizen.

To implement the proposed solutions, Link combines the most recent technologies and standards in the market with a range of its own products which are a reference in the public services. These products include Edoclink (document management and workflow), Onlinedesk (web portal services) or Atlas (architectural areas).

Public Transportation

Link has a large experience  working with public Transportation enterprises and authorities in Portugal, Europe, Brazil and  Africa, providing consultancy and services on system design and implementation.

The Public transportation industry is changing, and new challenges for the transportation service providers and for the transportation authorities are emerging.

The focus of transportation providers is now mainly on service production while the commercial activities have been transferred to transportation authorities.

In this new framework of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) mobility services organization, the authorities are faced with the new challenge of implementing  Commercial business activities integrating a wider range of transportation and mobility related services.

Link has been working actively and continuously in this market for more than 20 years, following the industry trends and changes with a wide experience on system implementation and design across several different geographies and business scenarios.

Link merges the technical expertise with the business knowledge, being able to help the transportation service providers with the following solutions and services:

  • Public Transportation fare collection business consultancy;
  • Public Transportation fare collection technical consultancy;
  • Mobility as a service design and implementation;
  • Multichannel ticketing systems implementation;
  • Mobile ticketing and eTicketing;
  • Mobility services integration.


Link has a vast experience working with Telcos in Portugal, Latin America and  Africa, covering key IT domains such as Software Quality Assurance, Enterprise Architecture, Data & Analytics, and Middleware.

Telecom operators face major challenges in their business as their traditional revenue sources from voice and texting services drains away, and as they struggle to get a share of the emerging new services, such as online streaming, IoT, etc.

To succeed they need to be very effective in leveraging customer data, and be agile on adding new IT systems and application capabilities as required by the business.

Link has 20 years of experience working with Telecoms and Media and can help with following service solutions:

  • BigData, Machine Learning and Data Governance technical expertise and solutions;
  • Enterprise architecture solutions for applications portfolio management and for keeping systems under control;
  • Software Quality Assurance services, in particular software testing automation;
  • Agile Output Driven services based on low code platforms;
  • Middleware and API technical expertise and solutions.


Link has the expertise to help you leverage the big opportunities the digital revolution offers the utility companies on IT domains, such as: Enterprise Architecture, BigData, IoT, Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Robot Process Automation, and API management.

Incumbent utilities faces major business threats from entrants coming from the digital economy. But digitation and new information technologies are critical for improving their efficiency across the value chain, customer service and loyalty and ultimately, their competitive position.

Leveraging  physical asset data (production plants, distribution network, smart metering) and data generated by its customers is key to the strategy of a digital utility.


Link has a wide experience working with the electricity, gas, oil and water Utilities and providing the following IT services and solutions:

  • BigData, Advanced Analytics, Master Data Management and Data Governance;
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance;
  • Enterprise architecture solutions for applications portfolio management and for keeping systems under control;
  • Software Quality Assurance, in particular software testing automation;
  • Agile Output Driven services based on low code platforms;
  • Middleware and API technical expertise and solutions;
  • Process automation, including Robot Process Automation;
  • Document management solution.
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