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23 Nov 2020

Cloud Native Apps

No clusters, no VMs, no pre allocated capacity, no fixed cost, instantiate per execution, scale, recycle, pay per use.

How it works

Modern applications combine information from multiple sources in a single page. Javascript front-ends, such as Angular, Vue or JET, based on MVVM (Model View View Model), provide this ability by breaking with the traditional server-side full page generation, and the use of Web Components allow a truly asynchronous front-end generation, providing a much faster and rich user experience.

On the back-end, microservice architectures decouple the applications, allowing multiple technology choices, smaller and more focused teams and less dependencies. But the true power of microservices lies in the ability to scale faster and with less overhead, while increasing the resilience and reliability of applications at the same time. It’s a neat trick, which offers a more complex way for developing applications, but with many rewards to reap.

Cloud brings the ability to scale with multiple options, from Kubernetes managed containers, to serverless and functions. When there is no activity, almost no resources are assigned and there is no consumption. As requests come in, multiple instances are created and the infrastructure scales.

The consumption-based subscription model, rather than allocating capacity, changes the whole paradigm in systems creation. Applications can be built using containers for custom development parts, a chat bot (consumption based on actual messages), a few functions (consumption based on execution time), an integration layer (consumption based on transactions) and a process layer for a few approvals (consumption based on process instances). This landscape instantiated with an on-premise traditional approach, would mean that, due to redundancy, several systems would be idle most of the time, taking several weeks/months to provision and install. With cloud native development, this would take minutes, providing the business with the required agility to be disruptive.

This is the power of the Cloud. This is the new architecture for native cloud apps.

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