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16 Apr 2021

SOA, APIs & Events-based Integrations

System Integration is one of the areas where Link Consulting excels. With several awards received over the last 10 years, we developed robust Integration Engineering practices, which leverage all integration patterns, including API Strategy, Event Driven Architectures, messaging and the traditional SOA.

How it works

Integrations can follow multiple different patterns and have different requirements.

API first is a modern approach where developers can agree on a definition, create test mockups, share documentation and then start developing. Infrastructure teams can then define security boundaries and protocols, throttling and business can track consumptions and enter into monetization scenarios.

Mediated and orchestrated services, typically synchronous and stateless, are provided by a service bus. End to end traceability, auditing, and very high performance are typical requirements for this layer.

Long running transaction is provided by process engines that handle persistence, asynchronous services, file processing and more complex business logic.

Messaging using Kafka and similar solutions provide high performance event-based integrations, and act as foundation for micro services choreographies.

Link Consulting - Infographics - SOA-API-Events


Details, Demos & Business

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